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    Joe Budden Almost Ended Logic’s Rap Career

    Joe Budden never fails at saying whatever’s on his mind, especially when it pertains to rappers of today. He’s managed to bad mouth everyone from Nicki Minaj to even the K-Pop sensation BTS. Three years ago, the former-rapper turned podcast host made a belittling comment about Logic that nearly led to the end of his rap career. Now in 2021, Logic has finally opened up about Joe Budden’s “worst rapper” comment. Did Joe Budden truly think that Logic’s rap career would end?

    Logic Went Into Deep Depression

    Logic, Joe Budden via NME

    People forget that words can hurt just as much as receiving a punch to the face. Logic made that abundantly clear after he discussed the mental distress Joe Budden’s 2019 “worst rapper” comment caused him. On the latest episode of New Rory & Mal, the hosts talked with Logic about how Budden’s negative commentary nearly ended his entire rap career.

    Furthermore, Logic noted that he became extremely depressed and almost retired from rapping back in 2020. At the time, he constantly worried about everyone’s opinions of him and his artistry. Logic shared that he decided to focus more “on what made him happiest.” Moreover, the rapper realized that his strengths lay in being a great father and husband. Ultimately, being successful at raising a family encouraged the rapper to continue pursuing his rap career.

    Joe Budden Apologizes

    via 808wave

    Luckily, Logic didn’t allow Joe Budden’s comment to keep him from rapping altogether. Even before his interview with New Rory & Mal, Logic previously touched on the matter on Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg back in 2020.

    Apparently, Joe Budden caught wind of his response to his “worst rapper” comment, and tried to issue a public apology. Furthermore, Budden admitted that his comment was out of line. Apparently, Budden wasn’t having a great day at work that day. Unfortunately, he projected his negative energy onto Logic. Arguably, people need to care more about what they say these days.

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