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    Jesse Paradice Makes History: Cleveland Rapper Joins Forces in Epic Queer Anthem

    Cleveland’s Own JesseParadice Makes History in Powerful Queer Anthem “Bargasm”

    Cleveland-born rapper Jesse Paradice has shattered glass ceilings. He joined forces with nine other LGBTQ+ artists in a groundbreaking collaboration called “Bargasm.” This isn’t your average EP; it’s a four-song symphony of resilience, diversity, and the raw power of queer identity. “Bargasm” is dropping on June 1st. It features heavy hitters like fellow queer hip-hop artist Shilow and RuPaul’s Drag Race superstar Aja. Each brings their unique flavor to the mix.

    But “Bargasm” is more than just a catchy beat. It’s a celebration, a defiant roar against societal injustices, and a warm embrace for the LGBTQ+ community. Each artist bares their soul, weaving tales of personal struggles, triumphs, and the fight for equality. These verses give voice to racism, police brutality, and the ongoing battle for LGBTQ+ rights. They are delivered with a potent blend of vulnerability and fire.

    Jesse Paradice has been spitting rhymes since his teenage years. Being part of “Bargasm” is more than just an accomplishment; it’s an honor. He credits the project with igniting a creative spark, fueled by the shared vision and talent of his fellow artists.

    “It was magic, working with people so passionate and gifted,” Jesse reflects. “We came from different walks of life, different sounds, different cities, but we were united by one thing: our stories. We wanted to share them, make a difference with our music, you know?”

    Jesse draws inspiration from his own experiences as a queer person of color in Cleveland. He has faced discrimination and hate head-on. He’s witnessed injustices. These include the 2014 police killing of Tamir Rice and the Orlando Pulse nightclub massacre. These events have left an indelible mark. But instead of succumbing to darkness, he found solace and power in music.

    “Music is my therapy, my weapon, my voice,” Jesse declares. “I rap about what I see, what I feel, the good, the bad, the ugly. I rap about being queer, being Black, being human. And I want others to know they’re not alone.”

    His message is loud and clear: to every marginalized soul, every ostracized individual, he says, “You are valid. You are beautiful. You have a community. You have power. Be yourself, be proud, be loud.”

    But “Bargasm” isn’t just preaching to the choir. Jesse hopes his music can bridge the gap, reaching even those with prejudices and misconceptions. He wants them to listen, to learn, to see the humanity behind the labels.

    “I want them to respect us, support us, celebrate us,” he emphasizes. “This ain’t about changing minds; it’s about opening hearts.”

    Jesse’s grateful for the platform “Bargasm” has provided. He’s been featured on platforms like The Buckeye Flame, amplifying LGBTQ+ voices and narratives in Ohio. He believes in the power of collaboration. “Initiatives like ‘Bargasm‘ create a web of shared moments, building a feeling of togetherness and connection within a community.”

    Jesse Paradice is a force to be reckoned with. Future collaborations are on the horizon. He also has his own solo project, “Self Destruction Sequence,” set to drop later this year. He’s ready to share his music, his story, and his unwavering spirit with the world.

    So crank up the volume, open your ears, and let “Bargasm” wash over you. It’s a celebration, a fight song, and a testament to the power of queer voices, all in one unforgettable anthem.

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