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    Jerrod Carmichael Speaks The Truth At The 2023 Golden Globes

    Arguably, the funniest and most controversial jokes Jerrod Carmichael told at the 80th Golden Globe Awards came from his opening monologue. He asked the audience over and over again, why am I here? Check out five of Jerrod’s zingers from that evening!

      1. “I’m Here ‘Cause I’m Black!”
    1. Jerrod might not have been hired because he’s Black, but he certainly seems to think so! His opening monologue was basically a deep dive into why he ended up deciding to be there that night.
    2. 2. “Take Them White People Money!”
    3. Long story short, he decided to take the money.
    4. 3. “Snitch on Dr. King”
    5. He compares his choice of hosting the award ceremony to the action of informants who revealed details about civil rights activists like Martin Luther King Jr.
    6. 4. “I’m ‘Unfireable’!”

    Despite his questions over morality, Jerrod now has peace of mind. He knows that now, no matter what, he cannot be fired.

    1. “The Beverly Hilton Hotel”

    Jerrod’s most controversial joke was by far his one about The Beverly Hilton Hotel. He claimed it “killed Whitney Houston!” Wow.

    Eddie Murphy also made the crowd laugh! He closed out his speech with a reference to the Will Smith slap at the 2022 Oscars.


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