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    Jeremy Meeks Gets Money From Cheating Billionaire Girlfriend

    Either Jeremy Meeks is in extreme denial or he’s just too embarrassed to admit he’s being played like a violin.

    Jeremy Meeks, the guy known for his super hot mugshot, is one of the luckiest post-felons ever. Shortly after his mugshot became a viral sensation, he somehow started dating one of the richest women on the planet– Chloe Green– and he even knocked her up. Jeremy Meek’s cheating girlfriend is getting off scot-free.

    Chloe is the billionaire heiress of expected to take over Topshop one day. Her father is Philip Green, and he has an estimated net worth of $4.9 billion. Chloe is obviously set for life afterlife.

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    TSR STAFF: Tanya P.! @tanyaxpayne ________________________ #Roommates, for months there has been speculation on the status of #JeremyMeeks and #ChloeGreen’s relationship. Earlier we reported that Jeremy was spotted with a model while attending the Cannes Film Festival, but he later got on social media to say he’s still very much happy and engaged. He also added the woman he was spotted with was just a friend/work associate. _______________________ HOWEVER, this time around Chloe was spotted with a mystery man on a yacht and sis didn’t look like she was just hanging out with a friend. 👀👀 ______________________ Chloe was caught with the mystery man aboard a huge yacht in—click the link in the bio! (📸: Backgrid)

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    So for Chloe, men are probably as disposable to her to as a $20 bill. Because that what it sure looks like. Chloe was vacationing on her father’s $150 million yachts in the Mediterranean, reports TMZ, but it wasn’t the sight of one big happy family, because Jeremy was MIA.

    The heir to Topshop seems to have a thing for good looking men because she was snuggled up to another man that can give Jeremy a run for his money in the looks department.

    The mystery man turns out to be Rommy Gianni, a Monte Carlo polo captain. Both he and Chloe were super comfortable as they were inseparable onboard the boat. They were cuddling, hugging, kissing, stripping and the whole nine yards.

    So how does Jeremy feel about this situation of blatant betrayal? Well…he’s just peachy about it. Paparazzi caught Jeremy in L.A. on Wednesday looking as if the whole thing never happened. And get this…he says he and Chloe are still together– despite breakup rumors.

    Maybe he gave her a weekend pass? Or maybe he knows it’s best to just mind his business!

    Any thoughts? How do you feel about Jeremy Meeks still being with his cheating girlfriend Chloe Green? Let us know what you’re thinking by dropping a comment below in the comment section.

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