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    Canadian-based artist Jenny Kern presents “I Should Lose You”

    Emerging singer-songwriter Jenny Kern shares a new single called “I Should Lose You” which dives into falling out of love with someone and realizing you need to let them go. It’s quite a concept that everyone can relate to in some ways.

    Jenny really captures that feeling. You can feel it in her voice when she hits the chorus. It’s such a release. She’s so desperate to be happy, and it radiates through the song. In a recent press release, she states, “It’s simple to acknowledge when you no longer have feelings for someone, but the inherent challenge of causing them pain makes it really tough.” In a relationship, you can sense a change and realize that something isn’t right anymore. Once you vocalize it, there’s no going back. The reality is, the best option is to swiftly address it and move forward. That’s what I had to do.” Jenny Kern brings an infectious jam that will make you want to move on to the new song “I Should Lose You.” The production gets a throwback memory that makes you see the bright lights of the sound shine to the fullest, as the music flows in waves so do the vocals that are warm, as well as influential in the tone to make you feel its presence as the writing is delivered to the fullest to make it all complete.

    Stream “I Should Lose You” by Jenny Kern

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