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    Jenn Vix Takes Us On An Adventure With Her Catchy New Single “Mr. Strange”

    High-spirited and catchy pop incorporated with Trap driven beats is what Jenn Vix delivers to us with the unique releases of “Mr. Strange.”

    “Mr. Strange” Combines feminist confidence with fearlessly blunt lyricism and a hunger for musical experimentation in Indie Pop and Trap bangers. The song allows Jenn Vix to express herself like she never has. This song is not for the faint of heart as she adventures with a male blow-up doll like a woman all alone on a weekend nighttime who decides to have some fun with herself. The song is wildly driving with a top-notch imaginary storyline that can have you daydreaming for hours nonstop.

    Born in and raised in Providence, RI, Jenn Vix spent most of her early teens prevailing and struggling to make ends meet in the mean streets of New York City. But that didn’t stop her as many years later, and she released her self-released album, “Jenn Vix,” which broke out on the national scene and acquired numerous reviews from fans around the globe.

    Vix is a self-thought multi-instrumentalist, proficient at bass, lead guitar, synth, programming, and vocals. Despite having a tough time growing as an artist, She is still determined to thrill the crowd whenever she gets the opportunity to be on stage or releases new music. Her ever-evolving technique in her artistic craft makes her a sensational artist to be on the lookout for.

    You should put this song on your favorite pop playlist if you love great music.

    Stream Jenn Vix’s “Mr. Strange” on Spotify

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