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    Jaz Valentino Shares Deep Songwriting On ‘Wild Weeds’

    Jaz Valentino’s Growth in Music

    “Growth brings flowers, but we rarely discuss the pain that buds or seedlings experience. This is my way of expressing and sharing my pain, offering a helping hand to others going through it too.”

    Written by Jaz Valentino and produced by Arcane Beats, ‘Wild Weeds’ is a captivating fusion offering, which brings elements of R&B, melodic rap, and indie pop, together with Jaz’s infectious melodies, catchy hooks and deeply personal songwriting, to deliver a life-affirming anthem for all the young people like himself that are battling through demons and trying to heal and rebuild their lives. Whether it’s trying to make it out through the trap or through crypto or through music, Jaz Valentino laments the peril paths in front of him and his peers to save their lives.

    Inspiration behind the Single

    Jaz Valentino shares that “Wild Weeds” is an introspective and motivational song that takes you on a reflective journey, inspiring you to embrace your light. It’s Valentino’s personal journey and that of countless youths worldwide battling demons and seeking to overcome challenging circumstances. The song also reflects on the destruction caused by humans globally.

    Rather than concentrating on healing and rebuilding, we often get entangled in our personal struggles, desires, and realities. We must prioritize taking better care of ourselves and our world.

    About Jaz Valentino

    Jaz Valentino, hailing from Canada and with roots in Grenada and Serbia, creates music that combines the timeless warmth of R&B with the energy of contemporary hip-hop. His music is deeply influenced by his lifelong connection to rap and R&B since childhood. Jaz Valentino is known for his emotive sounds, rich melodies, and introspective lyrics. He connects with listeners on a deep level, using a ‘less is more’ approach in his mixes to create spacious and captivating songs with standout songwriting.

    Stream “Wild Weed” on Spotify and Apple Music:


    1. Thank you for introducing me to this song and artist.
      HIs perception is so true (sadly); “But it’s also the journey of many youths around the world that are battling demons and trying to make it out of the escape rooms of their circumstances.”

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