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    Jay-Z Talks Lessons Blue Ivy Taught

    Jay-Z Learned To Swim for Blue Ivy

    Jay-Z details his commitment to fatherhood and the strength of his relationship with Blue Ivy.

    “It’s incredible. It really brings me back down to earth… I didn’t even know how to swim until my daughter, Blue, was born,” he shared.

    “That’s the essence of it all. It symbolizes our bond. If she ever fell in the water and I couldn’t save her, I couldn’t even imagine that. I had to learn how to swim. That’s how it all began.”

    Blue’s Nonchalant Reaction to Jay-Z’s Hall of Fame News 

    Jay opened up about Blue’s lackluster reaction to him being nominated for the 2021 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in February. This occurred prior to his official induction.

    “I received the announcement. I was taking Blue to school and I was like, ‘This isn’t a celebration.’ She walked away and I was like, ‘Hey, give me a kiss, I’m in the Hall of Fame!’ She just said ‘Bye, dad.'”

    The Carter Kids’ Influence on Family Success

    In a candid interview with The Sunday Times, Jay-Z acknowledged the musical empire was built with Beyoncé, but he decided to highlight his children’s influence on family ventures. In the future, they will have a blueprint to follow. 

    “Feeling loved is the most important thing a child needs, you know?” Jay-Z said in the interview. “It’s not about saying, ‘Here’s this business I’m giving you, something I’m building for you.’ What if my child doesn’t have an interest in music or sports? I don’t know, right? But as long as your child feels supported and loved, anything can happen.”

    Throughout the pandemic Hov spent quality time with his children. The rapper said he learned that family “is your foundation.”

    “It’s easy for us as human beings to want our children to do certain things, but we have no idea,” Jay-Z said. “We’re just guides.”

    The culture has learned that when Jay-Z speaks on values, the best thing to do is listen, take notes and reflect. 

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