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    Jay-Z Sued Hip-Hop Photographer For Selling His Photos

    Working relationships can either be beneficial to both parties or turn sour over time. In Jay-Z’s case, the rap mogul’s previous partnership with HipHop photographer Jonathan Mannion recently hit a dead end. Apparently, Hov hired Mannion years ago to do a cover shoot for Reasonable Doubt. Of course, the two had a great working relationship back then. However, times have changed. Jay-Z sued Mannion for allegedly exploiting his name without consent. Where did it all go wrong?

                Jay-Z Sued The HipHop Photographer

    Jay-Z sued
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    Paparazzi makes millions of dollars selling photos of celebrities. Even famous photographers like Jonathan Mannion make a killing in selling celebrity photos. Though, the HipHop photographer’s exploitation of Jay-Z came to a screeching halt.

    Recently, Jay-Z sued Mannion for promoting his Roc Nation business and selling photos of him. Furthermore, much of the material used stemmed from their Reasonable Doubt covershoot. According to HipHopDX, the photographer took several photos of the rap mogul for Roc-a-Fella Records at the time. Not to mention, Mannion was paid “handsomely” after the completion of the covershoot.

    However, years later, the photographer decided to milk the rap star for everything he’s worth. After Jay-Z discovered Mannion had sold images of him via his website without his consent or knowledge, he demanded more money. Hov hopes that by suing the HipHop photographer, he’ll evidently stop selling the photographs. Additionally, he’s demanded all the profits Mannion has so far. By Hov being a rap icon, Mannion might want to meet his requests ASAP.

                Jonathan Mannion Has Nothing But Love For Hov

    Jay-Z sued
    via XXL Mag

    Recently, Jay-Z sued HipHop photographer Johnathan Mannion for profiting off his likeness. Rather than spewing hate-filled comments at the rap mogul, Mannion instead decides to flatter him. Over the last two decades, Mannion expressed nothing but love for Hov.

    Last December, Mannion shared an Instagram photo of him and Jay-Z, looking as though they’re having a great time. In his captions, he wrote, “SAG SEASON CONTINUES! Blessings and much respect to the legendary Jay-Z. It has been an absolute honor and privilege to capture moments with you throughout the years.” It’s interesting how the photographer’s admiration for Jay-Z contrasts with the previous incident of exploiting him. Nevertheless, Jay-Z has made it clear that he won’t hesitate to take legal action if someone crosses him.

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