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    Jay Electronica Finally Drops His Debut Album

    After a decade long wait, Jay Electronica has finally dropped his debut album.

    Jay Electronica’s debut album “A Written testimony” is finally here after over ten years of fans waiting. Having signed with Roc Nation in 2010, Electronica has been building anticipation for this album for a decade.

    To many fans, Jay Electronica was automatically “Next Up.” The New Orleans bred, but New York-based rapper reminded Hip-hop enthusiast of that classic rap sound. Electronica was lyrical, crafty, and fun, leaving fans with a thirst for more.

    Over the years, fans were teased with a few features and singles such Just Blazed produced “Exhibit A” and “Exhibit C”. However, a full-length project never came together.

    Exhibt C

    That was until Jay Electronica took to Twitter with a post that suggested an Album was coming in March 2020. In a series of tweets, the rapper gave fans a little hope for an album by writing. “Album is done. Recorded over 40 days and 40 nights, starting from Dec 26,”. Further adding to the hype when he wrote, “Releasing in 40 days. A Written Testimony.”

    Things got even more real when there were three album release events announcement via Tidal.

    However, the Coronavirus pandemic caused the events to be canceled. That didn’t stop Electronica and a select few from having a small gathering.

    One thing becomes clears almost instantly from listening to the album, and that is Jay-z will be prominently featured. There were rumors of a Joint Album between Electronica and Hova. While “A written testimony” may not be a joint album, Jay-Z is on more than 40% of the album songs. The project is solid through and through, as both Jay Electronica and Jay-Z deliver great performances on multiple tracks. However, fans who were expecting a Jay Electronica album may be disappointed.

    Have you guys had a chance to listen to Jay Electronica’s “A written testimony”? If so, let us know what you think in the comments. If not tell us why.

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