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    Jacquees & Dreezy Get Physical With A Coke Dealer

    Everyone loses their temper sometimes. However, newest HipHop couple Jacquees and Dreezy aren’t the best at controlling their emotions. Recently, the two lovebirds vacationed in Mexico, but their getaway hadn’t been all that romantic. Things went south when Dreezy and Jacquees involved themselves in a physical altercation with a coke dealer. Of course, both parties had plenty to say on the drama-filled encounter.

                Coke Dealer Spills Details On Physical Altercation

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    At some point in a relationship, couples like to take a romantic getaway together. While a vacay can bring a couple closer together, other times it can lead to fights. In Jacquees and Dreezy’s case, their vacation to Mexico didn’t end in kisses and hugs. Instead, the two wound up a fist fight with a coke dealer. After the dust settled, the man in question spilled all the details of his physical altercation.

    On June 2, the suspected coke dealer uploaded a video of himself explaining his side of the story. The man admitted to carrying drugs, whilst also punching Dreezy in the face. Additionally, he accused Jacquees and Dreezy of being coke addicts themselves. “They tried to buy coke and weed from me, and that’s why we fought. ‘Cause I didn’t want to sell them the two joints that I had,” the coke dealer told viewers. Furthermore, the man told audiences he didn’t want to sell the couple his drugs because of their “disrespectful” nature. It’s funny how these fights stem from petty behavior.

                             Dreezy Explains Her Side

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    Though, there’s always two sides to every story. Dreezy later explained how the physical altercation between herself, Jacquees and the coke dealer transpired. According to the female rapper, the man punched her in the face as a result of involving herself the fight. “That man y’all seen on the floor punched me in my face yesterday over some stuff he had going on with Jacquees. They had their little altercation, I walked up to see what was going on, and I got swung on,” the rapper told fans.

    Before Dreezy could even through a punch herself, Jacquees took shots at the coke dealer himself. Though, whilst the rapper had been dragged away by her security team, she made one last effort to get back at the coke dealer. Dreezy explained to fans that “while she didn’t get a chance to touch the man, she did throw her shoe at him.” What’s wrong with just walking away and taking the high road.


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