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    JACKAL Debuts Bass-Centric Sound On “In Love With Nobody”

    JACKAL explores the resilience of the human spirit and debuts a triumphant new sound at the same time on his new single “In Love With Nobody.” The LA-based producer wastes no time captivating the listener, opening with cinematic, swelling synths that break for the track’s singular vocal, an angelic yet heartbreaking voice murmuring “I don’t love you anymore.” “In Love With Nobody” breaks down into reverberating basslines and digitized melodic effects that are unlike anything you’ve heard before. “This is actually a happy track. It comes from the feeling of relief of being independent and having no feelings for anyone,” JACKAL explains. “The title is kind of an ode to one of my all time favourite bands The Smiths. I feel like Morrissey would totally name a track ‘In Love With Nobody.’” JACKAL‘s new sound is experimental, bass-heavy and yet emotive, reflecting the creative passion he’s poured into his music this year. “In Love With Nobody” follows his recent “Don’t Come Near Me I am a Monster,” which provided the first glimpse into the producer’s transformation as an artist.

    Whether it be the confines of the dreary English seaside town he grew up in or the boundaries between musical genres, JACKAL has made it his life’s work to break barriers. Driven by an unshakeable desire to make music, JACKAL‘s singular work ethic lead him to release his first single “Shakedown” in 2013, debuting the combination of low BPM, heavy hip-hop bass and dancehall vocals that made JACKAL a hit. Bolstered by the success of “Shakedown,” JACKAL moved to LA and began releasing tracks on labels like Mad DecentOWSLA and BuygoreJACKAL, aka Mikey Pennington, draws his influences from everything from UK grime and garage house to heavy metal, fusing these with his signature bass and electro-house sound. For those fortunate enough to witness his live sets, they can attest that JACKAL delivers a genre-bending experience like no other. As “In Love With Nobody” continues his journey and re-invention as an artist, keep an eye out for more brand new music from this promising artist.

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