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    Jaah SLT Rings In The New Year With His “2021 Bangers” Track

    Jaah SLT’s rise to fame has been met with challenges. Luckily, that hasn’t stopped the South Charlotte rapper from chasing his dreams. If it weren’t for the emcee’s self-confidence and drive, he’d never had make it out of that custom screen-printing factory job. In his new track “2021 Bangers”, the new emcee raps about coming up in the rap scene. Not to mention, all the dough he’s making from his records. Jaah SLT’s presence in the HipHop industry grows bigger everyday. With the new year in full swing, we can expect to hear a slew of mega hits from the rapper.

                            His New Track Is A Banger

    2021 Bangers
    via YouTube

    As an upcoming and new artist, Jaah SLT clearly demonstrates the determination it takes to become a famous rapper. The South Charlotte rapper has a lot going for him, even in the early stages of his rap career. He’s already released several hit songs like his 2020 tracks “Dotting Up” and “Same Me.” His breakout track from April 2019 “Tuff” went viral on TikTok. Jaah SLT had more in store for the fans after he released his “9-25-20” mixtape. The 10-track project shows off the artist’s ability to alternate between “monster-movie instrumentals and hypnotic vibe-setters.” Clearly, the SC rapper has a knack for theatrics.

    His newly released track “2021 Bangers” even plays off a monster-movie beat. Did we mention the music video features a cluster of tornados? Jaah SLT drives home the idea that he’s taking 2021 over by storm, literarily. On “2021 Bangers,” the 20-year-old brings back the same chaotic and vibey energy fans fell in love on his earlier songs. Basically a flex track, Jaah SLT boasts about cashing in huge checks and drags his haters who rap but can’t pay their rent. Apart from Jaah STL’s unique rap flow, the music video’s camerawork and visual effects produces an eye-catching aesthetic. At this point, the newcomer has mastered the art of creating the perfect rap song.

                          Signing With Alamo Records

    2021 Bangers
    via Audible Treats

    In addition to releasing head bangers, the South Charlotte rapper inked a deal with Alamo Records. Now an official rapper, Jaah SLT joins the ranks of successful up and coming emcees. He’s making his mark on the HipHop world and the record label plans to help his career skyrocket. Alamo Records A&Rs Jacob Gilliland and Zeke Hirschberg gushed about the rapper to Queen City Nerve, stating, “We came across Jaah and fell in love with everything he had out . . . “He combines various music styles, creating a distinct and versatile sound.” Jaah SLT admitted that he’s been on somewhat of rollcoaster of a ride since his 2019 “Tuff” track record blew up on TikTok. The rapper only came closer to his dreams when he signed with Alamo Records in February of 2020. Life just keeps getting better for the 20-year-old.

                       Jaah SLT’s Stays True To Himself

    2021 Bangers
    via Queen City Nerve

    The SC rapper’s star power continues to grow brighter with every new track. Fortunately, his rise to fame hasn’t affected his ego. Like his 2019 track “Same Me”, Jaah SLT stays true to himself. During an interview with Queen City Nerve, the publication asked the 20-year-old about the “laid-back” sense of style featured in his music videos. Fans of Jaah SLT are well aware of his signature white tee and matching basketball shorts, a style he’s had since his highschool days. The 20-year-old revealed to Queen City Nerve that when he first started performing, he was more concerned with “hustling” than his style. He had the right mindset.

    Jaah SLT admits that his sense of style isn’t as “drip” worthy compared to other well-established emcees. Although, he prefers to dress in clothes that make him comfortable. Even with all the success he’s achieved so far, Jaah SLT makes it clear he doesn’t plan to change for anyone. Fans like him just fine, anyways. They especially love his new song “2021 Bangers”, given the 9.3K views it’s amassed on YouTube.

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    Watch “2021 Banger”:

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    Buy/Stream 9-25-20:

    9-25-20 Tracklist:

    1. Intro
    2. Grimey (feat Sleep Walkin SLT)
    3. Chevy
    4. Can I Get That
    5. What We Do
    6. Hate (feat Nsikan SLT)
    7. Lowkey
    8. Fake Ass Love
    9. Right Now (feat Young Nudy)
    10. Said What I Said (feat Loweye SLT)

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