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    Ja Rule’s Commercial Going Viral For How Bad It Is.

    Ja Rule’s commercial for a greek restaurant is low-budget, hilarious, and Horrible.

    Dave Chappelle “Where’s Ja” joke is trending again, Ja Rule’s Commercial for greek restaurant “Pappa Cristos” is the reason. The former rapper has been utilizing his celebrity in some very creative ways recently.

    While the internet is making jokes about the commercial, Ja rule is looking like a genius for the buzz it’s generating. When the video of the video first started making it rounds online, it appeared as if Ja rule was doing bad.

    Video of the “Rain on me” rapper at a private host party was on TMZ last week, suggesting he may be under some hard times. Then the video of this low-budget, homemade commercial came out and fans had Ja rule as officially washed up.

    However, it appears that R.U.L.E isn’t just a rapper and entertainer, but a marketing genius. The entire commercial was a part of a mini-series that the New York native created with TBS.

    “Pitch Perfect” is a show in which celebrities use their status and fame to help small business garner attention. The “commercial” that has been trending is for an actual business in Los Angelas that was affected by COVID-19.

    In the video above, Ja appears from a comfortable looking home discussing his plans to use his platform to help Small business. The segment then introduces Pappa Cristos, a popular food place in the city of angels. You can view the full video above and find out how you can contribute further.

    Of course with all the Ja Rule commercial buzz going on, 50 cent had to chime in on the situation. The power exec commented, ” that’s what happens when you F**K with me..”

    What do you guys think of Ja Rule’s commercial?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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