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    Ja Rule says he wants to bring fun back to hiphop: “Too much negativity”

    After 12 years away from the music scene, Ja Rule is returned with an assignment: inject some much-needed fun and positivity into hip-hop. The rapper, who once dominated the charts in the early 2000s with hits like “Rule 3:36” and “Pain Is Love,” is determined to remind us all that hip-hop may be a pleasant trip.

    In an interview, Ja Rule expressed his situation approximately the cutting-edge state of hip-hop. He believes the genre has lost some of its luster, weighed down by negativity and drama. “We used to have fun,” he reminisced, “and I want bring that spirit back.”

    The tragedies related to younger rappers have hit Ja Rule hard. He sees their premature deaths as a careful call for the industry.

    “Hip-hop must be about camaraderie,” he emphasized. “We need to boost each other up, no longer tear each other down.”

    Ja Rule’s upcoming album, “Can We Watch the Sunrise Together?” is greater than just a comeback—it’s an announcement. The title itself indicates new beginnings, a clean sunrise. Ja Rule also wants to prove that age doesn’t limit artistic expression in hip-hop.

    Ja Rule Bringing fun back to hiphop

    “I’m now not executed,” he declared. “This album is my canvas, and I’m painting a sunrise.”

    Drawing parallels between hip-hop and rock and roll, Ja Rule mentioned that rock legends like Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney continue to carry out well into their golden years. Why should hip-hop be any distinctive? “We’re timeless,” he grinned. “Like a conventional vinyl record.”

    André 3000’s current comments sparked an energetic debate about age in hip-hop. Ja Rule weighed in, acknowledging that at the same time as the industry can be ageist, it’s additionally evolving.

    Ja Rule Bringing fun back to hiphop

    “Age is just a number,” he quipped. “Besides, who doesn’t want a side of fries with their comeback?”

    Lil Wayne and The LOX have differing views on age and relevance. Lil Wayne believes in staying contemporary, while The LOX proudly wears its veteran reputation. Ja Rule? He’s somewhere in among, savoring the best of each world.

    Ja Rule’s dedication to music remains unwavering. Whether reminiscing about DMX or developing a platform like ICONN throughout the pandemic, he’s all about correct vibes. So, will Ja Rule’s sunrise vibes be the treatment hip-hop needs? Stay tuned!

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