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    Ja Rule Defends His Name After “Fyre Festival” Doc Hit Netflix

    Ja Rule is having to defend his name, as yet another documentary has come out, retelling the events that led up to the Fyre Festival.

    Fyre: The Greatest Party that Never Happened is a Netflix original documentary that shows how one entrepreneur’s ambitions led to one of the biggest scandals within years. Ja Rule acted as the festival’s co-founder, alongside Billy McFarland.″

    The two had elaborate plans to bring together one of the greatest music festivals’s ever seen. By using the most well-known super-models and social media tricks, they sold a dream to thousands of people. But that dream quickly turned into a nightmare, when attendees realized they had been tricked. As it turns out, Billy McFarland scammed millions of dollars from investors and concert goers, who believed in his vision of a luxury music festival. And because Ja Rule was a co-founder, he caught much of the backlash, following the aftermath…and he still is.

    However, Rule claims he had no idea that McFarland was running a scheme. In fact, Rule states that there’s a lot more that people don’t know about. “I love how ppl watch a doc and think they have all the answers…,” the rapper wrote on his Twitter account.

    Since the scandal, Rule has been cleared of all claims made against him. But with Netflix’s new doc, his name still isn’t clear. Rule blames the production. He feels that they didn’t get their information from enough credible sources, therefore, the doc comes up short on the truth. Since the airing of Fyre: The Greatest Part that Never Happened has aired, the “It’s Murda” rapper has been defending his character on his social media.

    Thoughts? Do you believe Ja Rule is innocent? Share your thoughts with a comment.

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