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    Ja Rule Calls 50 Cent a “Boot Licking Ring Kissing Coon”

    Ja Rule has had enough of 50 Cent’s shit!

    50 has been throwing shade in Ja’s direction for years, even destroying his career while Rule was in his prime. Taking to Instagram to vent, Ja Rule lets off steam on the Jamaica Queens native, calling him every name in the book; including a “Boot Licking Ring Kissing Coon” while “tearing down other people of color.” 

    50 cent is pictured below in his Instagram targeting with him standing next to Donald Trump before his Presidency.


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    This will be my last post about @50cent and I wanna be serious for second and just say me and this man went back and forth yesterday like school kids… But not once did I see him use his platform of 20 million followers for ANYTHING uplifting I’m sure he didn’t vote didn’t encourage anyone to vote only Tom fucking foolery tearing down other ppl of color always talking shit with yo stink breath ass EVERYONE is tired of you… let’s STOP supporting ppl who don’t support their own you boot licking ring kissing COON…

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    We get it… Ja Rule is fed up to the brink of it. But he has to understand that 50 Cent has more money and power than he does. And let’s not talk about influence and clout. Yes, Ja is one of Hip-Hop’s shining stars… But 50 built his career off being the ‘Big Bad Wolf’ of the game, who shows no mercy to anyone. He goes the distance to make sure his rivals are pummeled, bruised and terminated. 


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