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    J Nolan Celebrates Musical Milestones with New Single “Lotto”

    Rising Atlanta hip-hop artist J Nolan is thrilled to announce the release of his latest single, “Lotto,” a high-energy track celebrating his recent achievements and the excitement of breaking through in the music industry. Produced by acclaimed producers Major Seven (Rick Ross/Jay-Z, Future, T-Pain, etc.) and King BNJMN, “Lotto” showcases J Nolan’s lyrical prowess and captivating storytelling, paired with a catchy hook and infectious beats.

    Fresh off his 3rd place win in the “Honda Hot 16” competition presented by film mogul Issa Rae’s company Raedio and Honda, J Nolan channels his gratitude and success into “Lotto.” The track encapsulates the feeling of hitting the jackpot, both literally and metaphorically, as J Nolan continues to make strides in his career. With its undeniable club and radio appeal, “Lotto” is poised to be a hit with fans and industry insiders alike.

    J Nolan has long been known for his lyrical abilities and unique storytelling style. Born and raised in Atlanta, he has been captivating audiences with his wordplay and flow since his debut. As a true wordsmith, J Nolan’s lyrics take center stage in his music, resonating with listeners who appreciate his authenticity and depth. His collaboration with Major Seven and King BNJMN on “Lotto” amplifies his sound, creating a high-energy anthem that will have fans dancing and singing along.

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