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    J. Cole Responds To Noname’s Callout Single “Snow on Tha Bluff”

    J. Cole Drops Some Insight on New Single

    J. Cole recently released a new track titled “Snow on Tha Bluff”. The song is a response to the murder of Goerge Floyd, its implications, and the aftermath. Throughout the song, Cole discusses what possible role he has to play within the movement.

    J. Cole Responds to Noname with “Snow on Tha Bluff”

    Rapper and Chicago-native Noname recently took to Twitter to call out other artists lack of action in recent weeks. Noname went to say, “Black people from impoverished backgrounds across the nation are risking their lives protesting for our safety, yet popular rappers, whom you all adore, aren’t even willing to post a simple tweet.”

    ” Noname tweeted. “n***as whole discographies be about black plight and they nowhere to be found”. Who’s to say who this was aimed at directly, as Cole was seen at protests in North Carolina.

    J. Cole New Song "Snow on Tha Bluff" Noname
    Image via WRAL News

    Although Cole wasn’t specifically called out, it would seem that he felt this tweet was directed at people such as himself. The track opens with the line “N***as be thinkin’ I’m deep, intelligent, fooled by my college degree. My IQ is average, there’s a young lady out there, she way smarter than me”. It would seem that Cole thinks he isn’t necessarily the right man to lead the movement.

    It is clear that Cole has respect for Noname and what she stands for, but he feels that she must be a bit more open, “It’s better to treat people like children, knowing they need time, love, and patience to grow. Change is unavoidable, but none of us have experienced this before. So, we just have to learn as we go.” As this verse shows Cole feels that change in the right direction will not always be the quickest process, but doing so with a mindset of love and understanding is necessary.

    But J. Cole is sure to end the song by pointing out that he doesn’t disagree with what Noname tweeted. Saying that he feels fake when people thank him because he knows that he in fact isn’t doing enough.

    “Snow on Tha Bluff” Provokes Passionate Reactions

    This song has left people divided. Certain people do not agree with him calling out Noname and believe the need for change must come at a much more rapid pace. Whereas others see where Cole is coming from.

    What do you guys think though?

    Are you a fan of the latest J. Cole track? Do you think he’s wrong for his response to Noname? Or do you agree with what he has to say in “Snow on Tha Bluff”? If not what were the issues that you had with the song?

    If you’re looking to further educate yourself on racism, then check out this HypeFresh article that lists the top tv shows/movies for just that!

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