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    Izzy Drake & Drake Have Each Other’s Phone Numbers

    Science says that everyone has a twin look-alike somewhere in the world. While that may be true, not everyone has the liberty of getting paid to impersonate someone else for a living. Izzy Drake, formerly known as Fake Drake, has been parading around Miami acting as the famous rapper himself. Unlike most celebrity impersonators, Izzy Drake has developed a budding friendship with the star rapper. In fact, the two have each other’s phone numbers now. 

    Izzy Drake Congratulates The Real Rapper

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    Recently, Izzy Drake went on an Instagram Livestream to congratulate Drake for his work on his latest album Honestly, Nevermind. Last year, Drake showed the celebrity impersonator mad love. Looks like Izzy returned the favor. Rather than just giving a shout out to the rapper though, Izzy actually called up the rapper on the livestream.

    Apparently, they’re friends now and have each other’s phone numbers. When Drake’s face appeared on the screen, Izzy gives the rapper his props before the call ends. Who would’ve thought that Drake would befriend his celebrity impersonator?

    The Celebrity Impersonator Makes A Living Off Clubbing

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    While Izzy Drake has the rapper on speed dial, he also makes tons of cash off Drake’s likeness. When speaking with No Jumper last November, Izzy revealed that people make offers to him all the time because they can’t afford the real Drake. Though, these clubs pay the celebrity impersonator a whooping $5,000 just for showing up.

    “They pay for my Airbnb, they pay the flight, they hook it all up,” Izzy Drake further told the publication.

    Izzy Drake may not be the real Drake, but he certainly gets paid like a superstar.

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