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    Issa Rae Rap Shit, Calls For Lil Kim To Be Her Rap Mentor

    Rap Shit

    Issa Rae is reportedly diving into the rap scene and she’s looking up to Lil Kim as her mentor. The 37-year-old creator of Insecure expressed her aspirations to join the rap game during an interview with Power 38 FM. Alongside Regina Hall, Issa Rae hopes to become a rapper and she shared her choice of rapping partner and mentor.

    “For me, it’s a no-brainer—Regina Hall would be my rapping partner. She’s incredibly funny, an absolute icon, and I would be privileged to work with her. As for my mentor, I would without a doubt choose Lil Kim. She’s also an icon, a trailblazer for countless women who followed her path, and she deserves utmost respect.”

    Issa Rae —Young, Black and Successful

    Issa Rae, true to her Capricorn nature, is excelling in multiple domains! It’s evident that she’s diving into the rap scene. It’s not unexpected for Issa to explore her talents in the world of rap. After all, she’s a skilled writer, and we have complete faith in her abilities!

    Fans who adore and follow the talented actress are well aware of her remarkable journey. Initially, Issa Rae started on YouTube and successfully built a strong reputation. Back in 2011, she took the lead in her own YouTube series titled “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl”. This show received recognition such as the Shorty Award for the best web series, as reported by the Washington Post. In 2013, HBO announced the comedy series “Insecure”, featuring Issa as the protagonist. Throughout the past decade, Rae has continuously added to her list of accomplishments for the show.

    Rae undoubtedly inspires aspiring Black female producers, writers, and directors with her own journey. She’s an exceptional Black actress and comedian, recognized for her contributions to “A Black Lady Comedy Sketch Show.” HypeFresh is excited about the possibility of an album featuring Issa Rae, Regina Hall, and Lil Kim rapping together. It’s what people desire—Black female solidarity. Stay tuned for updates on Issa Rae’s upcoming rap endeavors.


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