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    Israel’s Shelly Perel Pursues Her Dreams On Her New Track “Don’t Try”

    Some artists have the talent and the killer voice, while others don’t. Tel Aviv, Israel-based singer Shelly Perel has gained a reputation for being a seasoned performer. At age 24, the alternative R&B artist has plenty of skin in the game. She’s been performing since age 6! So far, she’s performed in a military band and graduated from Rimon School of Music. Perel’s impressive resume continues following touring internationally with her band.

    Furthermore, Shelly Perel remains unstoppable! She’s released a handful of records and great tracks! The seasoned singer debuted her first English-dubbed EP, Buttercup, in 2020. Additionally, she followed up her EP with a series of singles such as “Satisfy Nobody”, “Cherry Pie”, and “Wishes”. Tracks such as these have appeared in several publications and been broadcasted all over radio stations. Clearly, Shelly Perel has marketability going for her! Not to mention, she’s unafraid to push boundaries in her music.

    The seasoned songbird continues her blooming music career with her recent uplifting record, “Don’t Try.” Furthermore, the record is the first single off her upcoming debut album Patience and Stuff. Perel’s single “Don’t Try” comes as a genre-bending record that encourages us to choose the beaten path into the unknown. Sometimes going against the grain can lead us to the life we want.

    Shelly Perel’s “Don’t Try” Encourages Us To Go After Our Dreams

    Life is more than just paying bills and working a 9 to 5 job! Although, working in a small town with small-minded people can sometimes lead a person to fall in line with the everyday norm. For many, the dreams die off. Fortunately, Tel Aviv never gave up on her aspirations of becoming a famous singer.

    Furthermore, the song finds the songbird encouraging us to achieve our dreams no matter what the expectations of others are. Additionally, the music video for “Don’t Try” highlights the skating community as Perel has fun hanging with friends at the skating ring. With an uplifting and inspiring message, the song packs an even better beat. “Don’t Try” finds the artist utilizing all of her talents, combining her soulful vocals to create a nostalgic but refreshing sound on the single.

    What’s Next For The Israeli Artist

    Shelly Perel
    via Aviv Carmel

    When it comes to Shelly Perel, there’s just no denying her immense talent. At just 24-years-old, Perel is lightyears beyond the talent of her colleagues. Most new artists aren’t as experienced as her, but Perel clearly isn’t anything like other emerging musicians. She’s made a huge name for herself in the music business. Practically everyone has their eyes on her! Be sure to catch more music from the alternative R&B and genre-bending musician.





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