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    IShowSpeed BUSTED at North Korean Border Trying to Live Stream!

    The video went viral with nearly 200,000 views in hours as it was drama from an unlikely location – the expansive Unification Village on the North and South Korean border. Despite being the place for peace talks between the two counties, this place is charged with invisible tension and screams crisis with the vast heavily armed soldier barricades.

    IShowSpeed, while visiting the area with his crew, decided to set up a live stream. Anticipation must have been high amongst his followers!

    But the excitement was short-lived. Military troops materialized out of nowhere, approaching IShowSpeed and confiscating his backpack, likely containing his streaming equipment. 

    IShowSpeed, Understandably confused and maybe a tad panicky? IShowSpeed explained his intentions and that it is just a simple phone stream. Still, the watchful eyes of the military had their own intentions. IShowSpeed even tweeted a picture of his brief confrontation with the officer. 

    Nevertheless, what is that saying about the show that goes on? IShowSpeed goes on to show the vibrant nightlife of South Korea, among other things. 

    Now, here’s where things get interesting. Let’s face it, IShowSpeed’s plan to waltz into North Korea for a live stream was never going to happen.

    Tourist RestrictionsNorth Korea is not exactly known for its open-door policy. Tourists are strictly forbidden from wandering in unannounced.

    US Travel Ban: In fact, things got even tighter in 2017 when the US government banned its citizens from using passports to enter North Korea (unless they have special permission). Safety concerns due to the risk of arrest and detention are no joke.

    Guided Tours Only: Even for those lucky enough to score permission, forget exploring solo. Guided tours are the only way to see the country, and even then, visitors are restricted to specific areas.

    When putting into account these rules, it is understandable that the IShowSpeed would not be allowed anywhere near North Korea, leave alone confiscate his equipment. This is to demonstrate the high-level iron-clad rules that are placed around the North Korean borderIShowSpeed may have imagined how epic would be the North Korea stream but reality rewarded him with military encounter, let alone say, his viewer had no clue the type of content they would receive!

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