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    Isabel LaRosa Releases Astounding Electro-pop Single “I’m Yours”

    Astounding Electro-pop singer-songwriter Isabel LaRosa from Annapolis, MD, recently dropped an endearing and heartfelt electrifying pop single entitled “I’m Yours.” 

    With an alleviated heart, the song embodies the rush of emotions as she unveils her vulnerability obsessing over a person she can’t control anytime she gets closer to this person physically and emotionally.

    This special someone could be a crush you’re not dating but want to be more than friends with,

    “I know that you love me, Darling. You don’t have to say it. You know you can trust me. It’s okay. It’s complicated.”Lyrics.

    Isabel LaRosa has had music running in her bloodline from an early age. Her dad ignited the music fire in her as he was a jazz musician and always took her to the jazz clubs where he would play the saxophone, and her brother would play guitar as she sang alongside them.

    Although she wasn’t entirely happy about singing when she was little, she couldn’t find herself doing anything else now.

    Furthermore, “I’m yours” incorporates the feeling of getting attached to a person without you both talking about it while losing your self-consciousness with them.

    Suppose you value listening to exceptional music! Put this song on your favorite electro-pop playlist.

    Stream “I’m Yours” on Spotify

    Connect with Isabel LaRosa: Twitter| Instagram| YouTube| Spotify

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