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    Is Tampa Bay Buccaneers Bruce Arians Truly Retired?

    Bruce Arians, the Buccaneers’ head coach, is retiring after three seasons, as per Jenna Laine’s report for ESPN. While Arians is stepping down, he is not officially stepping away from the NFL. In fact, he’s taking more of a front-office role with the Buccaneers. Tampa Bay’s defensive coordinator Todd Bowles will be replacing Arians as head coach, reported Adam Schefter.

    Arians officially retired, however, he is not viewing it as such. In fact, he’s viewed as he’s still working just with a different title.

    “No, moving to the front office,” Arians said in a text message. “I’m still working.”

    Bruce Arians’ impact on the Buccaneers

    Arians played a huge role in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ success. He evaluated draft prospects and only shows why he’s deserving to do more of the same during his tenure in the Bucs’ front office. According to ESPN, his new job title will be senior football consultant. He made sure to clarify that this move was not health-related, as many may know, he’s battled with health issues for the majority of his career. He came together with the Bucs’ and they were able to make a plan that involved him being around the game just not so hands-on.

    Arians ‘ three seasons with the Buccaneers, he went 31-18, the highest win percentage amongst any Bucs coach ever. Granted he was playing with what many consider the greatest football player of all time, let alone, the best quarterback, Tom Brady.

    “After dedicating nearly five decades of my life to coaching football from the sidelines, I have chosen to transition to a new role within the Buccaneers front office. I will be working alongside [general manager] Jason Licht and his team,” stated Arians. “I adore football. The connections, the tactics, the rivalry—everything about it. It’s been an incredible journey, but I believe it’s the perfect moment for me to make this change.”

    Brady’s relationship with Arians

    Brady’s admiration and respect for Arians show in his latest post on Instagram  . It’s safe to say that the Buccaneer’s offseason has been a roller coaster for the fans. First, Brady officially retires, later he returns back to the NFL. As of recent, Arians steps down from coaching but is still involved within the organization.

    “You are an amazing man and coach, and it was an honor to play under your guidance,” Brady expressed. “You are a true NFL legend and trailblazer for promoting diversity and inclusivity within the league.” Your style can be described as intelligent, resilient, and devoted. The conversations we had during the recruitment process two years ago will forever stay with me, and everything we discussed has materialized.”

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