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    Lizzo, Chris Brown Backstage of Millennium Tour: Is She Obsessed?


    Bodacious Lizzo is once again under social media cruxifixction for professing her love for Chris Brown. Fun-loving  “Truth Hurts” singer claims Brown is her favorite person. And clearly, fans are not too pleased.

    Who Is Chris Brown?

    Christopher Maurice Brown, born May 5, 1989,is a Taurus. The versatile artist, known for his skills in R&B, songwriting, and rapping, frequently references his home state of Virginia in his songs.

    Fifteen-year-old Brown’s self-titled album debuted in 2005 earning him two Grammy Awards, according to Brittanica.

    Here’s Why Lizzo’s Fans Hate Chris Brown

    Dating back to the felony assault against Rihanna in 2009, the ”Yo” singer has a nasty wrap sheet for domestic violence regarding women. Here is a short timeline of the history.

    According to Rolling Stone, in 2009 Chris viciously attacks the Man Down singer in a public altercation.

    In an interview with Robin Roberts in 2011, Brown storms out of the interview when asked about his involvement of domestic abuse, breaking a window in his dressing room.

    In 2013, Deanna Gines accuses Brown of shoving her to the ground.

    While touring in Colorado, a woman reports that Brown forcibly ejected her from the bus for not giving Brown her cell phone in 2015.

    The troubled artist threatened a woman at his California home in 2016, following a stand-off with police officers. In the same year, Liziane Gutierrez, accuses Brown of punching her in the face at a club in Las Vegas.

    Fast forward to 2021, Brown still can’t seem to keep his hands to himself and off of women. According to USA Today, a woman accused him of hitting her during an argument at an LA residence.

    So, Why Is He Lizzo’s Favorite Person?

    Drenched in Burberry, Lizzo rushed Chris Brown backstage at the Millennium tour, according to Daily Beast.

    Fans are not at all pleased when Lizzo referred to him as being her favorite person, though some speculate the two have upcoming music in store.

    Fans are confused over the fan girl love when she is an active ambassador for Savage Fenty, the lingerie line owned by Chris’ ex, Rihanna.

    Whereas the comment is absolutely innocent, fans are finding ways to prosecute her.

    As we all know Lizzo, she lives for backlash—it fuels her fire.

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