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    Is It Time To Put Some Respect On Saquon Barkley’s Name?

    New York Giants star RB Saquon Barkley is tired of the blatant disrespect of his name by the media. He’s ready to silence all the critics and show the world that he’s still the guy they drafted. Unfortunately, Barkley has not been on the field often due to extensive injuries. However, he’s fed up with the “B.S.” and motivated to change the narrative.

    “Over the past couple of years, my mindset has shifted. I simply want to give it my all, Stay focused and proceed gradually. The regular season is still a long way off, and I don’t want to rush into anything,” Barkley expressed earlier this week.

    Barkley has been battling ankle and knee injuries since 2019. He’s recorded just 627 rushing yards and three total touchdowns in the past two seasons combined, per ESPN.

    The New York Giants have found new hope for their future with the inquiry of HC Brian Daboll and GM Joe Schoen. These two helped rebuild what the masses now know as the dominant Buffalo Bills. Before these two arrived, Buffalo was a laughing stock. Yet, they managed to build around Bill’s QB Josh Allen and make a flourishing offensive while complimenting it with one of the league’s best defenses. Barley believes in their vision for the team and believes that they can help revive his career in New York.

    Many rumors scatter around the league about potential trades for Barkley. Fans even advocated for trading Barkley for more prominent draft capital in the upcoming 2022 NFL Draft.

    New York Giants Looking to Change the Narrative in 2022

    The New York Giants haven’t been exciting to watch in over a decade or so. The fans are hungry for something to cheer about. Barkley is their lightning rod; however, he hasn’t been available nearly as much as they need him to. Barkley seems excited, motivated, and most importantly healthy going into 2022.

    Barkley’s rise and fall of stardom has been tragic. It seems like yesterday people were arguing that he’s the best RB in the NFL. Over the past couple of season, people have yet to even mention him. It seems people have forgotten how explosive and dangerous the Penn State alum can be.

    “I’m honestly tired of all the things written and said about me and the team,” Barkley expressed. “I want to show this organization that the player they drafted is still here, capable of exceptional performance with the ball, and can contribute to the team.”

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