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    Is dimming the sun really the answer to global warming?

    Dimming the sun is now the newfound strategy to solving the issues behind climate change and global warming.

    How will this be done exactly?

    A Stratospheric aerosol injection would involve spraying sulfate particles into the Earth’s stratosphere at altitudes as high as 12 miles.

    The cost of this solution? A whopping $3.5 billion, with running costs of $2.25 billion a year over a 15-year period.

    According to the Journal Environmental Research Letters:

    “We make no judgment about the desirability of SAI,” the report states. “We simply show that a hypothetical deployment program commencing 15 years hence, while both highly uncertain and ambitious, would indeed be technically possible from an engineering perspective. It would also be remarkably inexpensive.”

    Not sure how safe this will be… But it sounds like this may possibly be left up to chance… Could this harm the environment further? Will this truly be the solution? How will people of the globe be affected?

    All the people can do is wait, watch and see. What do you think? Good or bad idea?

    It seems lots of bad decisions are being made as of recent…

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