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    Is Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson being Unreasonable ?

    Time is running out for Baltimore Ravens QB quarterback Lamar Jackson to secure a long-term contract. According to CBS Sports’ Cody Benjamin, there are no indications of progress in the negotiations. Surprisingly, it seems that the delay is not on Baltimore’s side. In fact, Jay Glazer reported that the Ravens offered Jackson more money than Kyler Murray of the Arizona Cardinals. The Ravens have made efforts to secure their star QB, but it seems that the issue lies with Jackson himself. Multiple sources suggest that he desires a similar level of guaranteed money as Murray and Deshaun Watson of the Cleveland Browns.

    Jay Glazer mentioned the challenges Lamar Jackson faces in contract negotiations. Representing himself, Jackson may seek a fully guaranteed contract, which complicates matters due to the Deshaun Watson situation. The Ravens may be hesitant to offer such a deal.

    People are closely monitoring Jackson’s negotiations as they hold significant implications for the future. He is set to earn $23 million this season, but if an extension doesn’t occur, the Ravens will need to decide whether to use the franchise tag or let their franchise quarterback explore free agency.

    Why Won’t the Ravens Agree to Pay Lamar Jackson?

    Interestingly, Jackson’s peers have received full payment for their contracts, but the Ravens are hesitant to commit to a fully guaranteed agreement. While it would be unfair to label Jackson as injury-prone, his style of play does present some concerns. If the Ravens invest everything in him, there is a risk that his playing style could become a liability for the team. Additionally, despite Jackson’s undeniable talent, he has only won a single playoff game in his four-year tenure in the league.

    With all considering, he’s a two-time pro bowler with appeared in the playoffs four times. As of now, he’s accomplished more than both Watson and Murray as an NFL QB. It’s odd he hasn’t been compensated for his efforts as of yet. The Ravens don’t have much leverage here there backups are decent options but nobody can fill Jackson’s shoes.

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