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    Ioanna Puts All Her Emotions In “Rewind”

    The Canadian up-and-coming pop singer and composer Ioanna has shown the world all her talent in her latest released single, “Rewind.” 

    “Rewind” is a song that has a unique fusion of mid-tempo R&B and pop, with a melodic guitar and 808s that will bob your head, very well elaborated and produced, bringing the ideal mix of pop music to its best. 

    With lively and vibrant arrangements, she manages to develop her voice with a lot of energy, and it’s a song that’s perfect for chilling and car rides and has a contagious vibe. Ioanna’s vocals on “Rewind” are impressive, showcasing her unique style and range. Her performance perfectly complements the track’s instrumentals, creating a synergy that will captivate listeners.

    Stream “Rewind” on Spotify 

    Connect with Ioanna: Spotify | Instagram 

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