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    Instagram Influencer Sparks Outrage with Shocking Display at NYC-Dublin Portal

    Dubliners did a double take this past Sunday when Ava Louise, an Instagram influencer with over 400,000 followers, decided to give the NYC-Dublin portal a bit more “exposure” than intended. Let’s just say the folks peering through from the New York side got an eyeful they weren’t expecting – and the internet went wild.

    Louise, known for pushing boundaries on social media (and her OnlyFans account), flashed her chest at the portal, leaving Dublin bystanders speechless and viewers back in NYC scrambling for their virtual sunglasses. In a video posted online, Louise declared, with a wink, “I thought the people of Dublin deserved to see two New York, homegrown potatoes!” Needless to say, her “gift” wasn’t exactly met with gratitude.

    Nevertheless, the NYC-Dublin portal is far from what you would define as a tourist attraction. It is an around-the-clock live feed that broadcasts to people of post cities willing to communicate, even if it means millions of kilometers away across the Atlantic. It works as a video call for all strangers. Sometimes you just pass by and see the window from your street completely different. It was organized by the Portals Organization.

    Let’s be honest, Louise wasn’t the first (and probably won’t be the last) to act inappropriately at the portal. There have been reports of everything from, ahem, “flashing” contests to some folks using the portal as a platform for rather disturbing displays. (Think flashing inappropriate images on phone screens – yikes!) These incidents, along with Louise’s little stunt, led to the portal’s temporary shutdown – officially blamed on a “technical glitch” by the Portals Organization. 

    Despite these attention-grabbing antics, the vast majority of portal interactions have been heartwarming. Families separated by distance have reconnected, old friends have caught up, and there’s even been a reported marriage proposal! This technology has the potential to bring people together in amazing ways.

    So, the big question: are these incidents a sign of deeper societal woes, or just a few bad apples spoiling the bunch? How can we ensure responsible use of such cool, public installations? The future of the NYC-Dublin portal hangs in the balance. Will it become a symbol of connection and joy, or will social media fame-seekers continue to disrupt the experience for everyone else? Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure: the world will be watching.

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