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    Inquisitor Ghost: COD Cosplayer Dies by Suicide in TikTok Live

    Tragic Turn: Inquisitor, COD Cosplayer, and TikTok Star, Passes Away Amidst Controversy and Mysterious TikTok Live

    I‘m saddened to share some news about Inquisitor, the well-known Call of Duty cosplayer famous for his Ghost character cosplays. There have been reports that he died by suicide during a disturbing TikTok Live session. This incident happened in October 2023.

    In early October, there were accusations against Inquisitor, who went by Inquisitore3 on TikTok, suggesting he had been grooming minors. It, therefore, elicited a wave of extremely negative reactions among the community members as he had quite a number following of over 100,000 followers. As the days passed and the saga began to take shape, however, it seemed this might have been all too easy.

    His last posts on TikTok were made on September 27, nearly two weeks before the TikTok Live video. This was before the accusations gained traction on social media, and many questions and discussions were going on among his fans and community.


    Popular Call of Duty cosplayer Inquisitor, best known for his cosplays of the COD character Ghost, has reportedly died by suicide, showcased in a disturbing and concerning TikTok Live. Earlier in October 2023, the Italian cosplayer, who goes by Inquisitore3 on TikTok, was accused of grooming minors, facing much backlash from the community, with over 100k followers himself. His last posts were on September 27, almost two weeks before the TikTok Live video in question took place, and prior to the accusations catching steam on social media. #tiktok #fyp #viral #fypシ゚viral #goviral #fypシ #Breaking #news #update #inquisitor#tiktoker#I#post#what#matters#share#this#whathappenedtothem#truecime#crime#truestory#truecrimecommunity#rip#sad#real#reality#life#lifelessons#bullyingawareness#bullying#Awareness#mentalhealth#mentalhealthawareness#truestory#true#events#COD#cosplay#game#gamer#cosplayer#callofduty#2b#2brothers

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    On the night of Monday, October 9, Inquisitor went live on TikTok in a very unsettling video. In the live stream, the room appeared eerily empty and shrouded in darkness, with a single window. Viewers were left confused and concerned because comments were disabled, preventing any discussion about the unfolding events. The situation was distressing when someone seemingly tried to break through the window forcefully.

    This added to the uncertainty and anxiety among the viewers, who couldn’t quite grasp the nature of the situation. Within moments, panic ensued as it seemed that sone off-camera was performing CPR and another person who entered the room seemed to be calling someone urgently simultaneously, escalating the room’s tension and fear. In an emotional moment, a woman in the video spoke in Italian, urgently requesting help and expressing concern. One person in the video confirmed that “he was hanged here” and asked where the ambulance was.

    On October 12, a few days after this troubling live stream, fans noticed that Inquisitor’s TikTok account had disappeared. Instead of his profile, they saw a message that said: “Couldn’t find this account.” It’s essential to mention that TikTok’s guidelines prohibit content that promotes suicide or self-harm, and many fans believe his account might have been taken down for this reason. Others speculate that it could have been deleted by a friend or family member. This loss has undoubtedly left his fans and the community deeply saddened.

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