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    Indiana Rapper Kevi Morse Says Trust Our Faith In “Last Year”

    Every artist goes through changes in their career. Last year was significant for Indiana artist Kevi Morse. In fact, he made the drastic change from using a gun to studying the Bible. Hailed as a Christian rapper, Morse has drawn from life experiences growing up in a sketchy neighborhood. There he witnessed many of his peers making a lot of money from illegal acts. Instead of choosing violence, Morse turned to writing music. “Last Year” highlights this shift.

    His love for hip hop music allowed him to express his experiences in the form of song. Furthermore, Morse started making his first rhymes at age 8 and by his preteens, he entered a school talent show, gaining the reputation as the “lunch table rapper.” Much of Morse’s influence draws from his idols Boosie Badazz, Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy.

    Rather than rapping about fast cars and throws of women at his side, Kevi Morse spits his bars with a purpose in mind. “My mom always wanted better for us,” he said once during an interview with Jam The Hype. The moment he sought out a buyer named Makellow, Morse’s life changed for the better. Makellow, who also owned a music studio, turned his life over to God, making Morse do the same. “I gave my life to Christ on January 16th, 2011,” the Christian rapper further revealed to Jam The Hype.

    Now Kevi Morse seeks to change lives with his faith and belief in God. Having released several stand-alones and an EP “Reality”, the Indiana native’s influence has resonated with fans everywhere. Now a full-time, touring artist, Kevi Morse carries the message of God everywhere he goes. His life-long mission is for everyone to empower a nation.

    Recently, Kevi Morse dropped the record and music video for “Last Year”, an anthem that celebrates the downtrodden and encourages them to keep faith alive.

    Kevi Morse Encourages Faith In New Song “Last Year”

    While deemed a Christian rapper, Kevi Morse’s rap flows in “Last Year” make him blend right in with the emcees of today. The newest track off his EP At This Point shows the rapper rooting for the underdog and encouraging them to keep going. Furthermore, the track boasts with the message of hope and perseverance against all odds.

    Relating to his own experiences, Morse noted in his press release that“people doubted me last season.” After he started becoming more successful though, those same people attempted to reenter his life again. Clearly, Kevi Morse doesn’t need those same people who turned their backs on him during the hard times.

    Moreover, the track shows off Morse’s lyrical genius and demonstrates that his rap flows go on for days. A track of overcoming adversity and sticking it out till the end, “Last Year” finds Kevi Morse victorious at the end of the song.

    What’s Next For The Christian Rapper

    Kevi Morse
    Kevi Morse via M.E.I Recordings

    With dynamic and appealing visuals and even better lyrics, Kevi Morse’s “Last Year” makes us believe in ourselves. So far the video has already amassed millions of views since its recent release. While Kevi Morse has arrived at the gates of success, he has no plans of slowing down. Most recently, the Indiana rapper dropped a new song “Chasing” that’s worth a good listen.

    Be sure to check out more music from Christian rapper Kevi Morse.






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