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    Imagine Dragons’ New Song & Video “Eyes Closed” Lands This Wednesday

    Imagine Dragons Unveils “Eyes Closed“: A Multi-Sensory Experience Awaits

    Warning to all Imagine Dragons fans ! The long wait for their yet another masterpiece “Eyes Closed” is finally reaching its end. Scheduled to drop this Wednesday at 9 am PST, the band is ramping up for an exciting pre-release event. The fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming big surprise.

    It all started with a bait on March 10th – an exciting social media teaser. Sharing a cryptic snippet of a video, we drove the fans into a spiraling ramp of guessing. On March 13th, the mystery was unraveled. The song’s name, Eyes Closed , was announced with a pre-save link. From that point, the snowball of anticipation was rolling quickly down the hill with specially tailored snippets.

    The first snippet provided a flirty taste of the song, uniting curiosity . The second snippet on March 15th was a double: new Who Am I now lyrics and a mini behind-the-scenes, expanded the thrill. The third snippet on a Jeep ad was a juicy audio teaser that offered a glimpse of, potentially, the song’s sound.

    But the real breakthrough happened on March 27. To the surprise of fans, Imagine Dragons released the fourth piece at the same time as a special music-themed team event. This fun feature allows fans to join teams based on their taste in music; it creates anticipation for “Eyes Closed” and cultivates a sense of community.

    The wait is almost over. The full song and this brand-new music video will be available to fans on Wednesday at last ” “Snippet teasers give hints to lyrics by Dan Reynolds, Wayne Sermon, and Ben McKee.” It promises depth and honesty, which is typical of Imagine Dragons.

    “Eyes Closed” holds a special significance. Their upcoming album teases with the mysterious title, ID6. Imagine Dragons crafts catchy tunes with deep lyrics, captivating worldwide fans.

    As the clock ticks down to Wednesday, the energy among fans is palpable. “Eyes Closed” isn’t just a song—it’s an immersive experience. Imagine Dragons‘ captivating musical journey awaits you.

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