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    iLoveMemphis “Hit The Quan” A Little Too Hard, Gets Arrested

    Young and upcoming stars have the hardest times when it comes to pursuing dreams of becoming a celebrity. Then again, fame and fortune happens a little too soon for some stars. Memphis, TN native iLoveMemphis had his first taste of fame after his debut track “Hit The Quan” took the 15th spot on Billboard’s Hot 100. However, the Southern rapper “Hit The Quan” a little too hard last weekend after police arrested iLoveMemphis in Miami for disorderly conduct. 

    iLoveMemphis “Hit The Quan” Too Hard

    A successful win can make anyone feel like a million bucks. Apparently, iLoveMemphis thought he was too cool for school this past weekend after throwing a party rager. He even acted as though he’d been above the law when confronting the police who arrived at his house. Based on a police report, officers were called to a large party with around 50 people in attendance. Neighbors reported bottles being thrown at cars and loud noise.

    The moment the police arrived, iLoveMemphis confronted them shirtless and drunk. Furthermore, the police report revealed that the 29-year-old newcomer “smelled of booze and slurred his speech.” When police asked him to identify himself, he failed to do so after several attempts. He even resisted police arrest. When iLoveMemphis asked “who’ll write me up if I get arrested?”, he received his answer this past Saturday. Clearly, the “Hit the Quan” way too hard. 

    The Police Arrest Young Emcee

    The situation only went downhill for iLoveMemphis Saturday night. Furthermore, the rapper became belligerent with officers when they placed him in the cop car. According to the police report, the “Hit The Quan” rapper called one officer a quote, “P**** a** and ‘immigrant.’” Now the celebrity faces multiple charges, which include resisting arrest and disorderly intoxication.

    Looks like iLoveMemphis won’t be hitting the Quan too much longer with that attitude. 

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