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    Ike Rhein To Drop Visual New Hot Single “Violin” On April 22

    Ike Rhein is turning the volume up on the radios with a sexy new vibe that he calls “Violin”. The 20-year old Pop singer hails from Grand Rapids, Michigan. The artist is currently taking over the airways in Miami where he resides. By developing and mastering his talents at a young age, he’s now a hot topic and HypeFresh wants to highlight his genius. The artist boasts placings in several media outlets like The Source, LA Weekly, Thisis50, Hip Hop Weekly, ELEVATOR magazine and The Hype Magazine. Ike Rhein is arriving to the scene making a statement in his own unique way.

    Meet Ike Rhein.

    The Official Ike Rhein’s Takeover

    The topic now is this hot new single that the people are patiently anticipating. Lets get into it. “Violin” opens with the soft symphony of a violin, setting the mood for the song. A beautiful woman is strutting in a mink coat in the night carrying a box of matches. The 80s inspired red nails and the mink set the whole vibe on fire as she lights the match and tosses it. The beat drops, then we meet Ike Rhein himself. The star is studded in diamonds from his smile to his neck, and fingers— the color-blocking in the outfit is absolutely significant. Unrequited love it seems to be that Ike is making his way through. Heartbreak equals revenge. He uses the metaphor, “play her like a violin” meaning there is a new woman in the picture. Oops! Sounds pretty tragic for ol’ girl, but hey, the track is banging!

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