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    IDK’s “Monsieur Dior” Is Inspired By MF DOOM

    IDK has released a new single and video with a beat like MF DOOM’s “One Beer”. Perhaps old-school hip-hop sensibilities will return.

    Jazz-y instrumentals spice up lyricism like no other. “Huit Octobre 1971” by Cortex was sampled by both artists, and UPROXX reports that DOOM and IDK had previously collaborated.

    Shot in black-and-white, the video is a tale of hip-hop on the road. The jazz-influence of the beat makes the song feel breezy even when the lyrics detail tenacity and grit.

    Why was DOOM always wearing that mask?

    Because, DOOM wanted the lyrics to speak for themselves. That’s why he remained as anonymous as possible. It’s true that villainy may have died with DOOM, but the concept of the every man did not! The appeal of jazz’s complexity is universal. IDK follows suit. As the next generation, IDK still hasn’t let humility escape him!

    MF DOOM’s use of cartoon conversations juxtaposes the seriousness of music genres like jazz. MF DOOM knew what people wanted to hear! That’s because, MF DOOM deeply understood the human experience.

    This simple compassion for people paved the road for the young cats of today to blend and incorporate humor and cartoon zaniness into their mixes. And, lucky for us these lessons have not gone unlearned by artists like IDK!

    Some artists have what it takes to take the road less traveled.

    The tempo of this track asserts that IDK is having a good time finding his own unique pacing. Sounds like smooth sailing, which is for the best because it seems like IDK never stops moving forward!

    The European influence on these two tracks is undeniable! “In the name of Dior!” As up-and-coming rappers continue to embrace their humble humanity, perhaps American rap will have the chance to be embraced by more international audiences!


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