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    Icewear Vezzo Says “I’m More Than Just An Average Rapper”

    When it comes to rap music today, there’s several types that exist. For instance, there’s a huge surge of SoundCloud rappers taking over the rap scene today. Though, the changing times has many HipHop stars trying to move away from the “rap” title.

    Recently, Quality Control signee Icewear Vezzo told his millions of fans that he dislikes being called a rapper. He even considers the title an insult. According to Vezzo, he’s more than just a rapper.

    Icewear Vezzo Isn’t Just Our Average Rap Star

    Icewear Vezzo rapper
    via Show Discipline magazine

    This week, Icewear Vezzo made some interesting comments about the difference between him and a rap star. The artist clearly doesn’t believe he’s in the same league or category as his peers. In fact, he downright said that taking on the title of a “rap star” is a direct insult to him. In an Instagram story, Vezzo further explained that rappers “have mood swings and carry themselves differently” than he does.

    While he does rap, Vezzo notes that he’s more of an artist that speaks on his personal experience. Obviously, the star holds himself at an entirely different level than his colleagues.

    He’s Not A SoundCloud Rapper

    Icewear Vezzo rapper
    via XXL Mag

    Vezzo echoed the same sentiment in a similar statement a while back. However, the star clarified that he doesn’t want to be viewed as a SoundCloud rapper. During a New York listening party for his latest album Let’s Start Here, he explained that the project was made to change how people view his music. Furthermore, he wanted fans to see him more as an artist rather than just an internet star that made it by dropping a decent set of bars. In other words, put some respect on Icewear Vezzo’s name.

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