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    Ice Spice is Greater Than The Beatles! Passes Them in Spotify Listeners

    Ice Spice, a rising rap star from New York, is making waves in the music industry. Her recent hit, “In Ha Mood,” has climbed to number 68 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

    Recently, she surpassed The Beatles in monthly Spotify listeners, with almost 2 million more listeners than the legendary English rock band.

    Ice Spice’s distinctive orange curls and catchy songs, a fusion of New York drill music and pop, have gained widespread attention on social media.

    The talented 23-year-old artist is not just limited to rap; she’s also making a mark in R&B and pop music. Her breakout song “Munch (Feelin’ U)” became a massive hit, and she’s steadily climbing the charts.

    With her rise to fame, Ice Spice has garnered support from big names in the industry, including Drake.

    As her popularity soars, she’s been recognized as a cultural icon, and her music is leaving a profound impact on the music scene. Her gangsta rap style and powerful lyrics have resonated with many, further cementing her status as a standout talent in the rap genre.

    In 2022, Ice Spice’s talent reached new heights as she achieved a No. 3 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. Her unique blend of rap, R&B, and gangsta rap has captivated audiences worldwide, and her influence on music and culture continues to grow.

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