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    Ice Cube’s Big3 Makes History As First Black Owned Pro Sports League

    Ice Cube makes history with the BIG3 as the first Black-owned professional sports league, despite the lack of support from the NBA and ESPN. In fact, Cube accuses the league of trying to take the BIg3 basketball league down.

    Making History, Outside the NBA

    The BIG3 finished its fifth season this year and continues to grow their fame and success. ByBlack and the U.S. Black Chambers have named the BIG3 the first Black-owned professional sports league. Ice Cube exclaims that the league is dedicated to providing opportunities for Black players, fans, investors and partners. The BIG3 makes history as it is the first and only professional sports league to officially receive this acknowledgment.

    The BIG3 is introducing many new features to the league. A huge connection between players and fans of the BIG3 is built due to blockchain technology, selling NFT’s offering ownership like benefits. With the networking and partnership with ByBlack and Black Chambers supports and invest in black-owned business of levels.

    Impact on the Culture

    As the first black professional sports league the BIG3 is the beginning of a beautiful future for Black athletes, coaches and entrepreneurs. Ice Cube has paved a route for future leagues, owners and teams. This is an opportunity to build wealth, specifically generational wealth within Black families. The BIG3 has created a legacy and will provide numerous opportunities for players, partners and fans of the league.

    Ice Cube is promoting an image to the culture and the community that Black ballers can achieve success outside of the NBA. This league gives Black people a sense of pride and illustrates the progress we’ve made as a minority and oppressed group in America. In a time when the unity of Black people is so important the BIG3 is making a huge statement to buy and support Black owned-businesses. Black-owned organizations have become more popular and supporting our own people will benefit in the long run. Not only will it benefit economically but socially.

    The first Black-owned professional league will have a positive impact on our culture due to the way it will motivate, lift up and promote Black business and entrepreneurs. The BIG3 sits amongst the NBA, NFL MLB and promoting the diversity and inclusion of Black people in the sports world.

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