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    Ice Cube Isn’t Paying A Dime For The Rights To His “Friday” Franchise

    When it comes to great feel-good movies from the early 2000s, everyone remembers films like Friday and Friday After Next. The film franchise starred huge stars like Mike Epps and Ice Cube.

    Specifically, Ice Cube even wrote the scripts for the entire movie franchise. Now the rapper-turned-movie star is fighting for the ownership of the films from Warner Bros. Studios. Though, he refuses to pay a dime for the rights back to his own movie franchise.

    Ice Cube Refuses To Go To Court

    As mentioned before, Ice Cube is fighting to regain the rights to his Friday franchise. Though he’s not willing to take his case to court with Warner Bros. Studios. Instead, he’s going off good faith and hoping that they’ll do the right thing.

    Recently, the rapper-turned-film executive spoke with TMZ about the possibility of reviving the series under a different name. Unfortunately, Ice Cube believes it’ll be ineffective since the film company owns the rights to the name and character of the franchise.

    “You gotta use the same intellectual property. Can’t call it Saturday without using Craig and Day-Day,” Cube told a TMZ reporter.

    The star further revealed that he wrote all four scripts for the Friday franchise. Ice Cube hopes that after he regains the rights to his films, he’ll have the opportunity to produce another sequel.

    Actor Isn’t Paying A Cent For His Own Work

    Ice Cube may be hopeful that Warner Bros. Studios will do the right thing. However, the film company clearly hasn’t made any gesture to uphold his belief. In fact, Warner Bros. Studios has dodged his attempts at winning back the rights to the Friday film franchise.

    According to Ice Cube, the film company wants him to pay for the rights to his work. Cube told Mike Tyson that he’s refused to pay a cent, especially since he produced the films himself. At this point, Cube might just have to fight Warner Bros. Studios in court.

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