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    Hypefresh’s Top 5 Christmas Movies

    Top 5 Movies To Get You Ready For Christmas

    The Christmas season is already upon us, and what better way to get ready than watching some great movies? There are countless Christmas movies to choose from but not all are worth watching. For example, it would not be the best idea to watch any Home Alone movie after the second one or A Bad Mom’s Christmas. To help sift through the significant amount of movies that one could waste their time watching during this holiday season, I have created a list of what I believe to be the top 5 Christmas movies.

    Top 5 Christmas Movies:

    5) The Grinch

    Although there have been multiple film renditions of Dr. Seus’s How The Grinch Stole Christmas, I find the one that came out in 2000 to be the best. This film is great for children. The live-action movie features comedic legend, Jimy Carrey. Carrey succeeds in capturing the gloomy character of the Grinch in quite a comedic manner.

    When this film came out it brought in $345 million worldwide. This made the movie the sixth-highest grossing film of 2000. In terms of Christmas specific movies, The Grinch is a massive success financially. When the film was released in 2000 it was the second highest-grossing holiday film of all time, until the 2018 rendition of the film came out and took the number one spot.

    4) A Christmas Story

    This is a movie which has been gracing the screens of our TVs for quite some time now. Since 1997 Turner Broadcasting has been showing a 24-hour marathon of A Christmas Story each year during Christmas Eve following into Christmas day. It is clear that at least some people are interested in this movie considering the amount that it’s played during the holiday season.

    A Christmas Story is full of funny moments. The tale focuses on a child’s desire to get a BB gun for Christmas and struggling to make any progress. Although it might not have been with a BB gun this is something that everyone can definitely relate to.

    The movie came out in 1983, so the humor might be a bit dated at times. This is something that one might enjoy watching with their parents or older relatives.

    Top 5 Christmas Movies-1

    National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

    This movie is an absolute classic. The film surrounds Chevy Chase playing a father around Christmas time. Chase goes on to deal with issues such as getting a massive Christmas tree, struggling with decorations, and having to spend time with in-laws. All of these activities can tend to be a pain in the ass, especially the ways in which Chase goes to pull them off.

    This is a movie that one can see countless times and still find something new to laugh at each time. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation presents the annoying dilemmas brought on when spending time with one’s family during the holidays in a hilarious manner. Extra bits of enjoyment can be found in the film for crowds from the mid-west, through references to the Bears or other relatable topics.

    2) Home Alone 2: Lost In New York

    It wouldn’t be a proper list of top 5 Christmas movies without this selection. Home Alone 2: Lost In New York was able to pull off something that not many other films have. That is to make a sequel that is just as good as or possibly even better than the original film. This classic from 1992 has been more than able to withstand the test of the time.

    One can enjoy watching Macauly Culkin being a quick-witted kid roaming the streets of New York City before the harsh realities of the world seemed to hit him. This movie includes other big names such as Joe Pesci. Pesci plays the role of a hilarious criminal alongside Daniel Stern.

    These two attempt to capture Culkin in the latter part of the film. But just as the first movie was able to pull off so successfully, the two criminals are only met with a number of hilarious, pain-inducing traps that the young Culkin has set up.

    Top 5 Christmas Movies-2

    1) Elf

    Elf is a movie that truly captures the Christmas spirit. Ferrell’s character was raised by elves in the North Pole. The film begins with Ferrell learning that his real parents weren’t elves. This leads to Ferrell attempting to find and connect with his real dad in New York City.

    The movie captures Ferrell’s attempts to navigate the big and wild city of New York in a hilarious manner. The film is full of more than classic Christmas moments. The Christmas spirit can be felt throughout Elf with scenes of snowball fights, shopping for gifts, and even signing. Although these all might sound a bit corny Elf is able to portray all of these acts in extremely funny ways with the help of quality writing and Ferrell’s eccentric role as the main character.

    Christmas Classics

    There are a great number of films to get you ready for Christmas, but not all can do so in the same way. Some really go to stand above the rest and bring that extra Christmas joy and spirit. For me, those movies that do so are listed above.

    What do you guys think though? Did the right movies make the cut? Or are there some names missing from the list of top 5 movies to get you excited for Christmas?

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