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    Hunter Markin Releases A New Single, “My House Is On Fire”

    Hunter Markin returns with a new single, “My House Is On Fire,” showcasing his ability to use his artistic imagination to create a piece of appealing music.

    Upon hearing “My House Is On Fire,” your mental picture automatically shifts to a scenario where a residence is ablaze, prompting you to perceive it as an authentic conflagration.

    Still, on this track, Markin uses it as a metaphor to illustrate a picture of a person’s mind burning down due to various thoughts, like how people can be two-sided, unreal, and show fake love when indeed, they are haters on the inside.

    Here, we are being treated to a fresh viewpoint of modern R&B and Hip Hop influence by catchy melodies and honest songwriting entwined with Markin’s on-point style of lyrical wordflow expertly combined into a punchy alternative production. If you are looking for new songs to explore, this is the right one, and we promise you won’t regret it.

    Stream “My House Is On Fire” on SoundCloud

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