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    How TikTok is Using AI to Change the Social Media Landscape

    Just a few years ago, not many social media marketers thought about TikTok. But now, this video platform is growing faster than any other, and it’s catching everyone’s attention. Some experts even say it might soon beat Instagram as the world’s most popular app.

    TikTok’s AI dominance

    Why? Well, TikTok is super fun and fast. It’s a great way to connect and share stuff like dances and memes. Younger people love it, and it’s growing faster than Snapchat and YouTube.

    TikTok videos also pop up on Facebook and Instagram, so they get lots of views. Its secret sauce is artificial intelligence (AI). The app’s parent company, ByteDance, wants to spread TikTok worldwide.

    They use AI to figure out what videos you like and suggest more like them. The more people like a video, the more it shows up in “For You” feeds. Traditional social media needs more data to do this.

    Big social media companies now face a challenge. If they don’t act, their users might move to TikTok and other short-video apps. But it’s unclear if this will help them in the long run.

    They’ve tried to avoid government rules by moving toward short videos and fancy recommendations. But this might make them less central and vulnerable to competition from newer apps that give quick, fun, and easy connections.

    Some of these apps, like Toutiao and Douyin, let people spend too much time on them. They’ve added features to limit screen time, but it’s not enough. It’s more about avoiding trouble than making better content.

    For businesses, marketing agencies, and brands, TikTok’s massive reach is a big deal. They should think about how to use it for marketing. By understanding TikTok’s strengths, they can create successful campaigns that really work.


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