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    How Saweetie Learned How To Deal With The Haters

    Stardom might as well be a double-edged sword; it comes with a wealth of positives but plenty of negatives. For instance, stardom can make a person a walking target for haters. Celebrities spend of their time dealing with internet trolls, given that they spend half their lives in the spotlight. Though, not every celebrity has the mental tolerance to deal with constant negativity. Though, other stars like rapper Saweetie know just how to handle the horde of haters on social media.

                     Saweetie Had Haters In Highschool

    via Billboard

    Celebrities constantly receive hate mail from internet trolls and critics alike. By having the spotlight on them, the world can watch their every move. When they mistake, haters wait in the wings, ready to tear them down. Some celebrities have a difficult time dealing with the haters, but others like rapper Saweetie don’t buy into the negativity.

    During a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, the “Bestfriend” rapper discussed her career and the projects she has in the works. More importantly, she recalled the time her father imparted some helpful wisdom on how to combat the haters.

    The 27-year-old explained that at the start of her career, haters trolled her for 2 years straight. “I just learned to block it out now. Like I’ve seen it so much that now I’m just used to it. It doesn’t even phase me now,” Saweetie told Angela Yee during their virtual interview. The rapper further revealed that she’s always had “haters” in her life, even as early as highschool. “I was hated on real bad, girls wanted to jump me all the time. It just wasn’t a good time for me. I used to come home frustrated and wanted to fight everybody—because I can’t talk shit—I rather just fight.” Saweetie clearly had a rough time in school.

                               Her Father’s Wisdom

    via Teen Vogue

    School can be tough for any teenager and Saweetie certainly had a difficult time in Highschool. Luckily, her dad imparted a piece of wisdom on the young rapper. As a teen, Saweetie’s father showed her footage from a Kat William’s comedy segment where the comedian explained that it’s good to have haters. “He said ‘If you have 5 bitches hating on at the beginning of the summer, try to have 50 bitches hating on you by the end of it,” the star told Angela Yee. From that moment on, Saweetie learned that she couldn’t let the negativity get to her. No wonder the star has such thick skin today.

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