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    Hov Black Crowd Control?? Steelers Owner

    It seems like Jay-Z is surely in the midst of controversy on the biggest of scales.

    The Brooklyn rapper has accomplished plenty in his line of work. From rapping at the lunchroom tables to running multi-million dollar companies. Shawn Carter continues to dominant in just about any industry he chooses. However, now plenty of people feel that Hov black crowd control is a way of selling out the community.

    For the better part of two years, the African American community took a stand against the NFL. The great American sport is one of the most brutal competitions within the major realm of sports. Each and every season players suffer injuries that can be life-threatening. NFL owners are the ones that take in the most money when it comes to profit margins. Above all, the two-year protest surely hurt the pockets of  NFL owners. Jay-Z is the answer to fixing the issues in the owner’s eyes.

    Rumors are swirling that outside of his official partnership with the NFL that Jay will also become a minority owner for a team. Allegedly the 49-year-old billionaire is in the process of purchasing a stake in the Pittsburgh Steelers. The 5% interest will surely add to his already impressive portfolio. It is speculation that his buy-in will be between the amount of $100 and $200 million.

    Plenty of people are taking issues with Jay-Z partnering with the NFL, as Colin Kaepernick hasn’t landed a position with any team. It was Kapernick who pushed the message publicly during games that the Country stood on principles that didn’t reflect freedom from racism and injustice. With Jay-Z being so popular in the African American culture, it seems as though it a tactic for the NFL to get a pass for what they’ve done.

    In conclusion, do you think it’s a smart thing for Jay-Z to partner with the NFL?? Is Hov black crowd control in the NFL? What other backlash will come about? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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