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    House of the Dragon S2 Kicks Off with “A Son for a Son” (64-Minute Premiere)

    House of the Dragon is back on June 16th on TV screens with a 64-minute supersized premiere episode titled “A Son for a Son.

    Remember the explosive Season 1 finale? King Viserys is dead, and now Rhaenyra—the one true heir to the throne—has come to take up her birthright. But not everyone in Westeros is comfortable with a queen on the Iron Throne. That is, until her half-brother Aegon II, scheming against her, declares himself king, instigating a massive civil war that will leave the realm in ashes.

    The tragedy strikes when Rhaenyra’s son, Lucerys, meets a fiery death in the claws of Aemond Targaryen’s dragon. But an act of violence thrown as gasoline on an already raging fire of conflict ignites the Targaryen civil war, now officially titled the “Dance of the Dragons.

    Season 2 is looking to be visually more breathtaking than ever for some very good reasons: its premiere episode is directed by Alan Taylor, whose previous work included “Game of Thrones” and “Thor: The Dark World.” Other efforts include shooting in the Snowdonia National Park all over Wales, up at Leavesden Studios (home of the ‘Harry Potter’ films!), and at Bourne Woods.

    Fans are now talking with the title of this episode, ‘A Son for a Son,’ but what does it mean? The title may suggest the displaying of a father who can go as far as avenging his son’s death or, better still, a mother crying for retribution with her dragon’s fire.

    Here’s the full air date schedule for Season 2, premiering with the extended episode “A Son for a Son” on June 16th:

    • Episode 1: “A Son for a Son” – Sunday, June 16th

    • Episode 2: Sunday, June 23rd

    • Episode 3: Sunday, June 30th

    • Episode 4: Sunday, July 7th

    • Episode 5: Sunday, July 14th

    • Episode 6: Sunday, July 21st

    • Episode 7: Sunday, July 28th

    • Episode 8: Sunday, August 4th

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