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    Hip Hop Music DJ Mustard’s Wife Demands $80K for Monthly Child Support

    Dijon McFarlane, known professionally as DJ Mustard, is nothing short of a legend in rap  credited with bringing an infectious party-minded signature sound to the forefront of hip hop music. The Los Angeles native is currently making headlines for his legal battle with his Ex-wife, Chanel Thierry. Mustard offered Thierry a generous $19K per month, but nonetheless she is still demanding $80K per month.

    DJ Mustard’s legacy in hip hop music

    He is a producer and beatmaker who has become a staple in hip-hop, with his signature intro of “Mustard on the beat” a staple at the beginning of his tracks. He has produced hits for a multitude of artists.

    The producer’s career has been rocky since his divorce from his wife Chanel Thierry in 2018. However, it appears that things are starting to get better for him.

    They seemed to find common ground

    Earlier this month, the former couple seemed to have reached an agreement in which Mustard will pay $19K a month in child support. This will cover his legal fees and help keep him afloat financially until the two are ready to finalize their divorce.

    In addition to that, the pair has agreed to share joint physical and legal custody of their three children. They’ll also be on a week-on, week-off schedule for their kids to spend time with each parent.

    Thierry wants it all

    But despite that, Thierry still wants Mustard to pay her $80K a month in child support. She claims that there’s a prenuptial agreement in place that should give her an additional $35K per month in spousal support.

    Chanel also looks to regain control over their family Escalade, which she claims is being used by Mustard as a personal vehicle. She wants to be able to use the family vehicle when she’s with her children, and have the authority to go back and forth between each household when they exchange the kids.

    According to court documents, Thierry asked for “tie breaking authority” when it comes to the decisions she needs to make about their children’s health and education. She’s also requesting a court order to use an online communication platform to communicate with Mustard. She also wants to be able to share the family Escalade when they’re together, and a court order that the vehicle goes back and forth between each household when they exchange their kids.

    The DJ has been standing his ground

    In the meantime, Mustard has been taking a strong stand against Thierry’s requests for a larger sum of money. He’s claimed that he has been paying almost $40,000 over what he owes, which seems excessive; especially when you consider the fact that he is still active in his children’s life, devoting much of his time and money to them directly.

    The musician cited irreconcilable differences in their marriage and filed for a divorce last year. He said that his wife has been uncooperative, which made it difficult for him to get along with her.

    The LA native has been working on a new rap album, but it hasn’t been released yet. He has been keeping busy with his kids, so he doesn’t have as much time as he would like to work on the project.

    Mustard reportedly hired a stylist and personal shopper to help him shop for clothes. But she allegedly stole $50,000 from his credit card, which the singer claims has been affecting his finances and is causing him stress.

    What do you think?

    Is his ex-wife showing selfishness and greed for requesting almost $1 million per year in “child support?” Will he ever be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for his significant contribution to hip hop music? Do you like DJ Mustard on the beat? Are divorces just a part of rap? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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