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    Hip Hop artist Karii Proves He Is Here To Stay With “Thank you, come again”

    Originating from Kearns, Utah, Karii is a Hip Hop musician with a strong passion. Karii was inspired by music at a young age, freestyling his versions of songs from 8-9.

    He bagged in writing his music and started recording not long after. Of course, his first music could have been better, but he loved it and kept going.

    Karii has a style of RNB, Rock, & rap as he enjoyed those his whole life, yet he doesn’t know anyone famous yet. He’s been inspired by artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Partynextdoor, & many more, and he wants to be as successful as them.

    His plans for the future are to inspire others and shed light on relationship struggles. Letting people know they aren’t alone is one of his primary goals.

    Karii dropped his first EP, “Thank You, come again,” on October 23rd, 2022. It was inspired by the time he stopped releasing music because of depression, issues with mental health, and bad relationships.

    In this EP, he talks about relationships being broken and feeling alone. With this, he wants to let others know they aren’t alone, for he always felt like nobody was there. Uriel, a song on the EP, featured a very chill RNB & relatable melody. His style is unlike others; like similar artists, you can hear the pain in his voice.

    Be sure to check the EP below:

    Connect with Karii: Instagram


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