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    Here Are The 7 Biggest 2023 Oscar Nomination Snubs

    PTheveryone knows that the Oscars haven’t always been the most inclusive award show. On several occasions, the internet and stars alike have “canceled” the show for its lack of diversity. For a moment it seemed the Oscars listened to our demands for change. However, in the new year, the academy awards show has seemingly reverted back to their old ways. Specifically, the 2023 Oscars snubs have left many people scratching their heads. Everyone from Viola Davis to Janelle Monae didn’t even make the nominations. Here are 6 of the biggest 2023 Oscars nomination snubs.

    1. Viola Davis Didn’t Hear A Peep

    The Oscars have made a lot of mistakes in the past. Though, the show doesn’t seem interested in making any changes to their routine. This year, several great artists were cheated out of a nomination, including Viola Davis. Unfortunately, the long-time actress didn’t hear a peep from the academy about any nominations for The Woman King. A film about freedom and black female empowerment definitely deserves all the awards. Arguably, the actress and film should’ve been nominated in several categories. Thankfully, award shows SAG and BAFTA had some common sense to give the actress her “flowers.”

    2. The Academy Failed To Acknowledge Till

    Making matters even worse, the Oscars robbed the period-film Till of a nomination. Even the film’s lead actress Danielle Deadwyler, who plays Emmett Till’s mother, didn’t receive a nomination. Given her riveting performance as a mother fighting for justice of her son who was wrongfully murdered by racists, she deserves a nomination. The Oscars need to do better.

    3. The Oscars Play Janelle Monae

    Speaking of which, singer and actress Janelle Monae put the academy awards show on blast. In 2020, Monae called out the show for turning a blind eye to several great films during the ceremony’s opening number. Unfortunately, the talented and multi medium performer didn’t get tapped for a nom this year for her role in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery.

    4. The  Oscars Did Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’s Ryan Coogler Wrong

    nomination snubs
    via Pinkvilla

    Speaking of mysteries, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has secured several nominations this year. However, director Ryan Coogler didn’t even get not one single mention in any of the categories. Basically, one of the most famous film directors out there isn’t receiving any recognition from the Academy. At this rate, the Oscars might as well just cancel the show altogether.

    5. The Stars Of Everything Everywhere All At Once Missed Out

    Everything Everywhere All at Once seemed like they were on roll with awards season. These days, the tv show’s lead stars Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan have been winning almost every award. However, Jamie Lee Curtis and Stephanie HSU didn’t score a win this time. What has the world come to?

    6. The Oscars Fear Female Filmmakers

    nomination snubs
    via FBC News

    For the most part, the Academy has seemingly become an exclusive, all boys club. Even Women Talking’s Sarah Polley was shut out for Best Director. Additionally, The Woman King‘s Prince-Bythewood and Till’s Chinonye Chukwu weren’t acknowledged either. In 2023, we’d think the academy would be a bit more “progressive” and know that women can be great filmmakers as well. According to Deadline, the current management of this vast pool of talent is a significant misjudgment. We fully concur with this assessment.

    7. Will Smith Doesn’t Need Their Approval

    nomination snubs
    via Revolt Tv

    While many of the Oscars snubs have upset many of us, everyone saw this one coming. Will Smith didn’t win any stamps of approval from the academy this year, not even for his role in the AppleTv+ film Emancipation. Apparently, the 2022 Best Actor winner is still being shunned out by the academy and even his peers–except Nia Long of course. Arguably, he’s still considered one of the best actors of our time and he doesn’t need an academy award to prove that.

    Clearly, the Oscars are set in their ways. Perhaps that’s why they still have one of the lowest viewerships out of any awards show.

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